The Spider Trap

(This post is not a declaration of war)

I keep reflecting on my past few years (seven) working for web startups. Asking myself what problems my brain tried to solves while making web-apps and servers for businesses, but the answer is almost none. In fact, I was mostly using libraries and frameworks to get the job done.

But you know what? I don’t like having to learn and use libraries in order to complete a specific work. Nether architecting my entire codebase around frameworks that tells me to split my code in an infinite number of files of 10 lines. “Don’t reinvent the wheel” they said, but we keep learning again and again how to use this fucking wheel. We should make our programs from persistent knowledge, not short time best-practices.

Despite billions of people using websites every day, web clients aren’t designed for today’s usage. To me, it’s a weird paradox; we’re developing programs that target only one “platform” (the browser) so it should be straightforward but instead, we're consuming a tremendous amount of tools and frameworks created for only one goal: hacking the browser API.

Try making rich and complex web-app without any third-party packages and you’re going right in hell. The dom api is a complete mess, and we’re trying to hide it with an infinite pile of libraries. And jeez I didn’t talk about deploying web-apps…

Ladies and gentlemen, I am ashamed.


Sometimes, in the late evening, watching the stars; I’m caught dreaming about ourselves re-designing the browser and the web's development process with it. With new paradigms, perspectives and ambitions.

Because in the end, it’s just data with instructions sent to another cpu.

Wathing the stars