December 27, 2019
I live in the same city but I can’t see her or laugh with her like before, ‘cause she now hates me and laugh with someone else. So I’m having these fl…

The Spider Trap

November 06, 2019
(This post is not a declaration of war) I keep reflecting on my past few years (seven) working for web startups. Asking myself what problems my brain …

Memory Arena

October 31, 2019
For my game, I decided to store almost every entity in a big chunk of memory allocated only once when the program boot. I am using this technique for …

About Text Rendering

October 30, 2019
First, a quick introduction about typeface and font and stuff. A typeface is a set of one or more font. So a font is a collection of readable letters …

Progression in the Unknown

October 30, 2019
When you start exploring new and unknown fields; even with all the time you need, it could be harder than you think to keep focus (and sane). Because …

Parisian Metro

August 16, 2019
Holding each other's hand. The girl was facing the boy who was carrying a shopping bag. Suddenly but kindly, the girl retrieves the strap from the bag…

The Gap

August 16, 2019
In the spacious and bright room crowded with tiny human beings with gigantic desire in their eyes, their hands full of painting drops; Craving to laun…

The Loss

August 16, 2019
I remember this boy, crying, with his head on the wooden floor and his arms shakingly grabbing his knees. Screaming “why” endlessly. I would like to t…


January 10, 2019
You miss them. And you come and laugh with them. Then you hate them. And you leave. You miss them.

The Glass Cage

January 09, 2019
X is sick. And he doesn’t know what to do. He sings, and sometimes he dances alone where nobody can’t see him. He likes to talk. Discussing things, ma…