I live in the same city but I can’t see her or laugh with her like before, ‘cause she now hates me and laugh with someone else. So I’m having these flashbacks; for every street we walked and moments we lived together.

This feeling of excitement when she was opening our front door, coming back from work. Asking each other’s day then together we were preparing dinner, listening chill music, watching movies... endlessly.

I could see myself reading Calvin & Hobbes, lay down in our cozy bed, just besides her. Suddenly I would laugh at loud, then she would smiled at me; asking me to read it too.

And those mornings of sleepy face, putting everything from the fridge’s stomach to our table; feta, avocado, toasted bread, grapefruit juice for her and coffee for me.

I just wanted to protect this one part of life that I thought was truly ours from a universe that takes whateve it wants. It took her; she went away for someone else.